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LumaTune 1.0 for Shake

Luma Tune - a macro similar to Peter's...

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Last Modified:06/15/2005
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Luma Tune - a macro similar to Peter's LumaSlice but with extra options. Works on mac but probably will on linux too.

Will 'tune' into an area of luma and make a matte from it - eg for when you want a matte of just the midtones only.

Set the low and high points and fall offs as desired (these are relative, not absolutes).
Select from luma, R,G,B,or A for the source. Luma includes a weighting but doesn't have too much affect to be honest.

choose from different curve types which give different 'fall offs'

Also select whether the fall offs go to black or a user defined value via the levels parameters,

Includes an Overlay option which shows the area of luma that you are 'tuning' into.
This goes red if you are tuning into sub-blacks (which starts to grey the image) or yellow if over white. BEWARE - this overlay is part of the image and will be rendered in the final result if you leave it on - defaults to off- you have been warned.

So - it not only darns your socks but makes a nice cup of tea as well

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