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Bypass 1.0.2 for Shake

Bypass bypasses parts of your script

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Last Modified:10/24/2005
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v1.02 after much discussion we have decided that a colour node instead of fade would create a more efficient Bypass. Otherwise identical to original version

A macro to bypass parts of your script. Rather than use ignores or detach parts of your script ,
bypass will effectively turn off the script upstream of the node, and replace it with a null image of the same size. Also has the option to bypass to part of the script further up stream or elsewhere.

Yes can be done with fades or mixes but 'Bypass' is dedicated just for this purpose and does not animate so is designed for helping while building up a script rather than taking part in the final render (although doesn't need to be removed from the script). Description below [internal workings]

Bypass (off-on) turns off the input [v1.02 now switches to colour image set to input size]
use_optionalInput (off-on) outputs input 2 [switch]
pad_to_In (off-on) outputs 2nd input but opens the plate to the same size as the Input size. [viewport]

With all off, the Input is passed through untouched. Bypass must be on for the other 2 options to work.
If noodleColorCoding is on - will show the bypassed line as black noodles if the optional input is not used.

Note using 2nd input will not use the 2nd inputs DOD but its height - width - use a cropDOD upstream if you want to do that but as this effectively moves the layer I haven't put it in the macro.


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