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Archive+restore Macros 1.1.0 for Shake

//////// v1.1 added custom size for Archive...

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Last Modified:09/08/2006
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//////// v1.1 added custom size for Archive tool

3 Macros for Archiving and restoring large backplates to/from Video Tape and Custom sized plates - if an image needs to be split across storage devices.

Archive Plate - will take an image/ image sequence and split it into SD, HD, custom size tiles, rendered sequentially so they are ready to lay off to tape. It slates the image with all info necessary for 'restorePlate'. Includes user definable overlaps to allow for 702 set-up digibetas or analogue BetaSP formats.
Allows for any duration plate.

Restore Plate will take the result from tape/ file and restore the plate back to full size.
This has been tested with a plates up to 20000x15000. Uses the info slated with ArchivePlate

Matte2RGB takes 3 mattes/ alphas and copies them into RGB channels to reduce file space / tape length needed.

All of this uses square pixels ie copies pixel for pixel to tape.

untar with tar xvfZ


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