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CameraMove_Focus 1.3.0 for Shake

Parallax Camera Macro

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Last Modified:12/13/2006
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v1.3 - CameraMoveFocusC

updated version which handles zooms correctly and other changes. This is labelled '...C' as it would break other scripts if overwrites original CamermoveFocus.

A Macro that allows you to set objects at Z distances and creates a camera that pans, dollys, cranes etc keeping parallax. Also calculates the relative focus for each layer including using hyperfocal which can be turned on or off.

Unlike multiplane there is no layering involved. The node is cloned and a 'master' node then controls all layers. You then set the individual Z distance (in metres), re-scaling, rotation independently for each layer within the 'image adjustmensts' part of the Macro. Then move the Camera in the master. This way you can have as many layers as you want and layer how you want.

We weren't able to extract useful Z info from move3D so this just uses internal move2Ds but covers most parallax situations. Many thanks to my brother Neill for working out the maths behind the whole thing.

The icon has a green 'C' as it will conditionally concatenate. If focus and output crop are off then it fully concatenates. If on, then only with above transform nodes.

There is now a script example included (shake 4.1)

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