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Photo to Sketch (Help!)
Photo to Sketch (Help!)
Shakey Jake, added 2014-08-02 15:54:07 UTC 18,558 views  Rating:
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The tut is another old Photoshop tut where a photo is transformed into a pencil sketch
I attempted to replicate it in Shake but ran into a problem. Hopefully one of you viewers can complete the tree.
Below is all the information you should need:
1. Here is the link to the Youtube Photoshop tut
2. The color photo and the completed sketch
As seen in the PS tut the order is as follows: a. Import photo b. Copy photo layer c. Add Hue Saturation dial out color d. Add Color Dodge e. Invert    This turns the image solid white. f. A Gaussian Blur is added to dial in the "pencil sketch look".  g. Level is used to darken the sketch h. A brush is used for clean up

2. In trying to replicate the PS tut (same photo used) the Shake tree was constructed as:
a Import photo
b. Copy photo layer (Layer Copy)
 c. Add Hue Saturation dial out color (Color Saturation)
d. Invert (Color Inert)
e. Add Color Dodge (Layer Color Dodge)
The only way to get the image to turn white like in the PS tut was to place the "Invert" node before the "Color Dodge". This is the point in the PS tut where a gaussian blur was used to dial in the sketch look. This did not work in Shake so the tree is incomplete. Need someone to chime in with a solution to this tree or a completely different approach.