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Maxrig for softimage 0.0.1 for Xsi

Features Full facial Stretchy arms IK-FK switch for limbs Fully functional Synoptic

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  • 8.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:04/17/2011
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Heloo guys,I am Siddhartha Dutta with proper permission from the original creator of this character Peter Starostin I am presenting you with the Max rig ver01 for Softimage XSI 2011.please feel free to play with it and do animate it for non commercial purposes..for any bug fixes please send me an e-mail at-

This rig has nothing fancy,i hope you will find it handy and light.


Stretchy arms
IKFK switch for limbs
Fully functional Synoptic
And lot more...explore

for more info-

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