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Simple Bot Rig 1.0.0 for Xsi

Cartoon Rig

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Last Modified:08/05/2009
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Its a simple cartoon robotic character, designed and rigged by me.
Rig is fully compatible with Softimage XSI 7.0 and up.
This rig was use in TVCs for T-Mobile and worked well for several animators,
hope it will serve you well too .) Im not going to do any manual for it,
as I think its easy to understand and use rig. Anyway if some people ask for, I will do it.

- IK legs setup with smooth stretching ( thanks to Andy Nicholas )
- More controls for feet
- Facial rig
- You can hide/unhide rig parts.
   Select  "Base" object and you can control visibility under keying panel
- COG guide ( sometimes it helps, sometimes its useless )
- 2 character sets. One for rig, second for facial rig

You can use it for your personal work, for your show reel and etc.  but not for commercial.

PS: for all those asking for Maya version. No, sorry, I'm not going to make Maya version.
Anyway, I will give the mesh those of you, who want make free rig for Maya with this character.

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