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dxf importer for XSI 1.0.0 for Xsi

import dxf files into XSI from Autocad, Microstati

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Last Modified:10/31/2006
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The dxf->XSI import plugin is for importing DXF files into Softimage XSI 5 for windows. (It may work with earlier versions and Linux - but I can't test this - maybe you can - let me know.) (There used to be a standalone converter but I no longer develop or support it.) This does exactly what that did - but directly inside XSI.
It's mainly for people wanting to use XSI for creating archviz from plans/sections/elevations. But you could use it to import 3d dxf files (see NB at the bottom for compatability.)

DISCLAIMER: Please make a new scene for importing into XSI - save all your stuff just in case - don't use the original cad file when exploding all the elements(see below), I am not responsible for any loss of data/life/work/etc you may incur using this software - if you don't agree to this - do not use, etc.

The xsiaddon package is in a zip file.


1. Download the zip file and unzip the file to a location of your choice.
2. In XSI go to File > Add-on > Install....
3. Pick the file.
4. Click install.
5. Dxf Import... should now appear in the import menu.

To Use:-

1. When selecting the option to import a dxf - you are first asked your preferences (the scaling being the most important) 1000 means it shrinks all elements by 1000. (I work in mm in cad programs and setting it to 1000 will transform the units in the file to be metres - trust me - if you're doing even a small house you don't want it in millimetres - sorry no support for feet and inches)
2. When ready click "ok"
3. Select your dxf file
4. Click ok
5. You may get a warning (for best compatability explode everything before saving a dxf file - obviously don't explode the original - make a copy!)
Click ok.
6. You will get the XSI import dialogue next - just click ok.
7. The file should load in.

Any problems/suggestions - email me/message me here/comment at my blog -

- It does not support ACIS solids, only polymesh entities. Many cad packages should have an option to convert 3d entities into polymesh - make sure you use this.

- It does not support elipses or splines or block entities currently - (blocks can be exploded or 'dropped')

- It DOES support polymesh, 3dfaces, polylines, lwpolylines, lines, arcs, circles. Any other entities will be ignored.

- I only have access to Microstation, Autocad and Turbocad - some packages may not export .dxf files in the same way - so it may not always be straightforward.

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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