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zbrush custom Brushes 3.1.0 for Zbrush


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Last Modified:12/11/2007
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  • PhAtl PhAtl

    PhAtl PhAtl said over 14 years ago:

    How do I install these brushes?
  • E-Z

    E-Z said almost 17 years ago:

    LOL some times the frame rate drops and the word don't sound like they should, in one of my video's i said CLONE Brush, and in the video it sounded like CORN Brush. i caught that allso in the video i usley don't re do my video's because there FREE unless you would like to spend $50 bucks i can correct it for you :) but im glade you understood what i ment. you can't bash or flame me i have my flame proof vest on. BTW im from texas and we speak kind of funny :)
  • chillnlikeamug

    chillnlikeamug said almost 17 years ago:

    I hope this doesn't come across as bashing, it's not meant to be and thanks for contributing, especially when it looks like some pretty cool ideas for tutorials, but WOW! When you're misreading opacity as "aqua-c" thats pretty funny. Man you said "set the (aqua c) cause we dont want no images overlayen it." I'm sorry for laughing but it conjures all kinds of great mental images. I could create a few funny characters to match your voice. I think more tutorials should be this entertaining. I have Meats new 2 disc from gnoman and I was just complaining about how every time I start to get to the "meat" (pun intended) of the tutorial it feels like nap time. I think I would have felt a lot better about having paid the 50 bucks or so if Meats had your tutorial speaking skills and talent. Thanks for the laugh now I'm off to see what I can learn from ya! Hell of a motivation now!

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