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Extruder-Ver.0 2.0.0 for Zbrush

Mask Extruder

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Last Modified:08/27/2009
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updated Friday, September 15, 2006
add a few things and Fixed a few things

the new Tweak option has been improved
click for larger version

has a new TIP button in the tutorial
and allso has a new Morphdiff button in the zplugin.

the Extruder-Ver2 morphdiff works on part hidden geomerty, not mask

what is EZ-Extruder?
it's a tool used with Mask
Each time you Mask part of the Mesh Geometry, it allso "PolyGroups the Mask
By polygrouping, this will allow you to select any part that is grouped very easy.

what can EZ-Extruder Make?
Pants,shirts,shorts,Belt,sock,shoes,even tattoo and Armor, plus much more.

whats good about this tool is it Doesn't increase the Geometry polygon count Size.

it allso has a Tweak option
this will allow you to use the projection Master,
the texture will convert it to alpha
and apply it as Mask to Extrude it.

these buttons Extrude very fast because there set in a zscript Loop.
click for larger version
click for larger version

The mesh was donated by Wayne @
see Mask sample Below
this animation may take a while to load
when the mesh is at its lowest sub level, this is when the animation starts.

it allso has a Tweak script
this will allso work with the projection master texture map
as long as you keep the default projection master color at default which is grey
here is a sample click HERE

the new morphdiff
this will allow you to save just the object/shirt and adjust the Thicknest

click for larger version
click for larger version

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