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Mat Pack 2.0.0 for Zbrush

make your own customize materials

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Last Modified:04/22/2006
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make your own customize materials

this comes with Mat Pack and pack-And-show Blank Template,
Comes with a Read-me text file
and allso has a Help file tutorial within Mat Pack.

Saves 5 materials in one click By Random
it Randomly selects the material properties By Random
when a item is selected By Random, you will Get a Different Effect.

This will Pump threw allmost 450 Lines of Code to make 5 Different Materials
this has option Buttons were you can select certain properties
this is good when your altering a pacific material properties.

This has a options to copy part of one material and paste it to another Material
this will allow you to blend 2 materials into one.

This has 200 material slots
100 for the main working area
and another 100 for storage

What is storage
when your working in the main working area in mat pack
you alter one material to your liking and when your done, you save it to storage
once your storage is full,
you can now transfer the ZMT/PSD to the pack-And-show Blank Template.

what is pack-And-show Blank Template
this will allow you to pack your 100 material and show them to other's

This is Very Simple to use
This tool is top KING of Material tool of all time
please make sure you view the Credit Page.

click for larger version

Here is a sample of a Few copper material i made
dark copper/ light copper/ translucent copper /Reflective copper allso Render in ZBrush

click for larger version

a few more samples
click> HERE

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Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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