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TF-AutoEdit 2.0.0 for Zbrush

set any 3D object Automatically in Edit Mode

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Last Modified:09/03/2006
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1: what is TF-AutoEdit?
TF stands For, Trans form
This Plugin will be located on your "Transform pallete'

2: what is AutoEdit?
when this option is activated, ALL 3D object are automatically set in Edit mode
you may select "different" 3D objects and they will automatically be in Edit Mode
this will happen soon as there placed on the Canvas.

3: what is Make PolyMesh3D
this button will make any 3D object a PolyMesh3D,
any primitive 3D object on the Canvas will be updated and replaced with a PolyMesh3D
There will be no need to drag the PolyMesh3D out of the tool pallete.

4:hotkey can be used
just hoover over the buttons and look at the numbers
there is 1 and 2 and 3
to shut down TF-AutoEdit you must use the hotkey or button/off.

5: this tool inludeds Tool:Display Properties:Double
this will be on at all times when the TF-AutoEdit is on.

(((((Here is some thing to think about)))))

AutoEdit? = no more short cut keys when selecting another 3D object.........
if your using a 3D object, then more then likely your wanting to be in edit mode anyways

Make PolyMesh3D = no more having to Reselecting it.......
the old Make PolyMesh3D makes you press the button
then you have to select it again from the tool pallete,
because it didnt bring the tool to the top of the pallete after selecting it
when you press Make PolyMesh3D you pressed it for a reason
and not to see it flop over in another slot
more then likely your wanting to use it and have it ready in the top slot or on the Canvas.

Tool:Display Properties:Double = no more having to Reselecting it..........
each time a new 3D object is selected, you have to go turn on Tool:Display Properties:Double
this is time consuming
its hard to see when hiding parts of the polgons when Double sided is off.

this tool is as simple as 3 short cut keys
the number 1 and 2 and 3
less clicking and less messing around trying to turn things on or off
no more opening up pallets to turn these options on or off....

click image below to inlarge

click for larger version

Here is a sample below
all im doing is draging a 3D object on the canvas with out using any hot keys to set it in edit mode.

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