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Z3 EZ history pLUGin 3.1.0 for Zbrush

stores history

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Last Modified:11/17/2007
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updated Fri Nov 16, 2007 for zbrush 3.1

this tool is made for 3D objects.

ever worked on a model for a while and wish you could store the history of each time it was edited?

you can store history and recall the 3d object history at any time
you can think of it as a real time timesLaspe.

not only does it save history, it saves your 3d object for the next time you start zbrush
and allso store Morph Target

here is a sample video of how it works

the new plugin will be under your Tool Pallet

running any other plugin like the projection master or zapplink will cause this script not to run

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