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SizeAjustor plugin 0.9.2 for Zbrush (zbrush plugin)

Adjust DrawSize/FocalShift(and more) by moving mouse on X and Y axis while holding down a hotkey.

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Last Modified:11/21/2013
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Feature Request

Smooth and Masking intensity control?

Submitted by:Dutch Dimension Dutch Dimension
Excellent plugin. Very well implemented and thoroughly thought out. Thank you very much for sharing it. In the interest of improving it further, is it possible to get the plugin to modify Z-Intensity whilst holding the SHIFT key pressed? In essence, controlling the intensity for the Smooth brushes. Or similarly, controlling RGB-intensity when pressing CTRL, to control the strength of the masking brushes. Thanks again.

Comments on this feature request:

  • jj.jpnt

    jj.jpnt said over 9 years ago:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. Always a pleasure to know my work is useful to others. Also, sorry for the long answer time. I'm checking a lot more often the plugins main thread at zbrushcentral : For Mac OSx, this is still the latest version (0,9,2), but for windows there's a new one quite a lot improved, now called ZAdjustor 2.0. I'm working on updating it on OSx too, I'll upload them on creativecash when it will be ready. Meanwhile, if you are a windows user, I advise you to check out the new windows version. For your feature request, I already thought about it : In fact you can absolutely use it to change smooth/shift masking/ctrl sizes, but by pressing the keys in the reverse order : For instance, to adjust smooth brush size/focal, you first hold the plugin's shortcut key, then only after you add shift. It is quite the reverse compared to ZB's natural order of pressing keys, but it is unfortunately not possible to solve this issue. The good thing is that it is not really this annoying when you've got used to push the keys in the right order, and it is really quick to get used to it. After all it's just two keys having to be pressed. Thanks anyway for your suggestion, surely this is quite the only downside I can see in this plugin (you'll see the improvements on the new version, I think I nailed quite everything that could be useful about it - but stop I'm starting to sound like some overconfident self conceited geek ;) ). I'm currently working on porting the new version to OSx, it's nearly done I'm just fighting the last issues and then it'll be just packaging and it will be ready to release. Thanks a lot again, have fun in what you do !!!

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